Labor’s indifference to rural and regional communities has been revealed by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

This week she committed less than one per cent of one per cent of what the NSW Nationals in Government have secured for drought-stricken communities, putting $100,000 towards a relief effort.

For more than three years they’ve suffered from drought and all they’ve gotten is $120 million out of the Labor Government. In NSW the rains stopped less than a year ago and already the NSW Nationals have secured $1.1 billion in drought relief.

In the ACT, another Labor Government is failing to do anything for farmers struggling to cope with the cost of feed and problems with kangaroos.

The Nationals are fighting everyone from Sydney journalists to indifferent Labor-Greens characters to anti-farmer protest groups to make sure our communities get the help they need. These pitiful showings from Labor just highlights that they don’t care about actually supporting rural and regional communities that are suffering.

Under Labor, farmers and families lose. Only the Nationals are committed to fighting for the real Aussies outside the big cities.