Nationals in Government will help clear the maintenance backlog on our local roads.

When it comes to regional road upgrades, the Nationals in Government have invested more than any other. Since 2011, The Nationals have delivered over $19.5 billion for road funding in regional NSW. In addition, we have also supported our local councils with over $3 billion in road funding over the past eight years.

Together we are delivering safer roads, improving travel times and boosting freight productivity across NSW. But we recognise more needs to be done.

Because we have worked hard to repair the budget and repay the debt Labor left behind, the Nationals in Government will invest an additional $1 billion in fixing local roads and bridges.

We will ease the burden on local government by building easier, faster and safer roads and support local jobs.

But that’s not all we will do. The Nationals in Government will put an end to cost shifting of roads by establishing a process to take back up to 15,000km of the ‘Regional Road’ network in regional NSW to ease the burden on local ratepayers and ensure regional road networks are brought to an acceptable standard.

Guided by an independent expert panel we will determine a process, cost and timeline to take back these regional roads. Roads like The Bucketts & Thunderbolts Way, Nerriga Road and Muttama Road, recognising that our regional councils often shoulder the longest roads and have the least financial capacity to maintain them.

We have proudly established, and continue to deliver, programs like Bridges for the Bush and Fixing Country Roads and Rail – programs that help cut the cost of moving regional commodities like gran, livestock, cotton, minerals and fuel, for our farmers and transport operators.

When Labor was in charge of regional roads, Michael Daley dumped $477 million worth of regional roads onto local councils, knowing many didn’t have the rate base to fund basic maintenance.

We are righting Labor’s wrong, easing the burden on regional ratepayers and councils.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Commit a total of $1.54 billion to council roads including $500 million dedicated to repairing regional council roads.
• Dedicate $500 million to replace all of the worst timber bridges across regional NSW.
• Establish a process to take back up to 15,000km of the State’s ‘Regional Road’ network.
• We will appoint an independent panel to liaise with councils and advise the Government on cost, timeline and process.
• Deliver safer roads, improve travel times and boost freight productivity across NSW.