Fibbing Foley is at it again, trying to deceive his way into power.

An email sent to Labor supporters falsely claims that The Nationals are backed by big business and aren’t worried about funding schools and hospitals in our areas. Fibbing Foley then goes on to borrow our policies and claim them as his own, as though Labor has any idea what to do in regional and rural areas.

The people outside of the big city Labor strongholds know that they think NSW stands for ‘Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong’ and we also know that a Labor Government will strip money out of the regions to pump into the cities, at the expense of our communities.

The real backers of the Nationals – those grassroots members and small businesses in places like Lismore, Broken Hill, Wagga and Orange – remember all too well how 16 years of neglect under Labor affected their communities.

In Government, the Nationals have managed to rebuild our regions and now we’re looking forward to making sure everyone gets to share in the prosperity.

Don’t fall for Fibbing Foley.