100 years of the NSW Nationals

Approaching a Centenary of Achievement
On the 13th of October 2019, the NSW National Party will celebrate 100 years as a powerful regional voice in both State and Federal Parliaments. As part of the Party’s centenary celebrations, the NSW Nationals will be holding a Gala Dinner to recognise those who have contributed to the strength, unity and success of the Party and come together to pave the way for the next 100 years.

Continuing our legacy

Help us be a powerful regional voice for the next 100 years.

Centenary Celebrations begin in








99 years on, the NSW National Party is proud to be…

·  The most democratic, nonfactionalised and stable political party in Australia, fiercely proud of its independent identity and offering equal opportunity for all.

·  The second oldest political party in NSW and Australia.

·  Independent.

Its very existence has forced other parties to pay greater attention to the needs of regional New South Wales and Australia than would have otherwise been the case.

Without an independent National Party, State and Federal policy development would be dominated by city interests and city-based politicians.

·  An organisation that:

–  has the largest membership across regional NSW of any political party;
–  has never been unrepresented in the Commonwealth or NSW Parliaments;
–  has accumulated an enviable record of achievements;
–  has ensured from the first Federal and State Coalition agreements that its Parliamentary Leaders are the Deputy Prime Minister or Deputy Premier, as the case may be, and act as Prime Minister or Premier when Coalition Government leaders are absent; and
–  has always been more than a ‘farmers party’ with its formative platform in 1919 defining its priorities as working ‘in the interests of the community as a whole’ and for ‘national progress and development’

Our Party's History

Intrigued about our Party’s proud history?

How did the NSW Nationals come about? Who was the brainchild of the coalition? If we started as the Progressive Party, how did we get the name we have today? How many country-based Prime Ministers have lead our nation?

Read our ‘We Believe’ statement, learn about our origins and our success through unity in Paul Davey’s Robust and Resilient: Approaching a Centenary of Achievement.

Got a memory to share?

Got a legendary campaign story? Had a crackup at Conference?

Saw your local member give a great one-liner to the opposition?

Submit your favourite memory of the NSW Nationals for a chance for it to feature in our Centenary Edition of the Leader.

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