Record funding to educate the next generation of regional and remote kids.

The NSW Nationals will provide an additional $2 million to Life Education NSW over four years to ensure that more than a million NSW children are armed with knowledge and tools to lead healthy and safe lives.

Healthy Harold has been much-loved across regional NSW for decades, travelling to the furthest and most remote communities to empower our kids about making safe and healthy life choices. This record investment will have a profound impact on our communities, allowing Healthy Harold to travel to more places and deliver more services to the people and children most in need. The funding will mean any school across the State that wants a visit from Healthy Harold will receive one.

The $2 million in new funding from the Nationals in Government will allow Life Education NSW to roll the Healthy Harold program out to schools across the State from July 2019 and assist in teaching young students about sun and road safety, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. For older students in Year 6, the program will help them begin to tackle the complex issues they will face in high school such as cyber safety and the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This funding will also modernise the program to provide students with access to cutting-edge augmented reality and 3D interactive systems to improve the student experience when attending Life Education sessions.

The Nationals in Government are able to invest in projects like this because we have worked hard to manage the state’s finances and now we have the funds available to expand and deliver programs that will help kids in the farthest corners of the State, making sure they don’t miss out on the services and benefits offered to kids in the city.

It has never been more urgent to deliver for the people of regional NSW, with increasing pressures of drought and all the problems that come with it. That is why the Nationals in Government will continue to prioritise the needs of people living in our regional areas. This additional $2 million is on top of the $18.8 million already invested since 2011.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Provide an additional $2 million to Life Education NSW to improve healthy lifestyle programs through NSW schools.

• Support Healthy Harold to educate more than one million NSW children.

• Provide additional funding to modernise the Healthy Harold program to provide students with access to cutting-edge augmented reality programs and 3D systems.

• Help teach students about the importance of sun, road and cyber safety, as well as healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.