The Nationals in Government will make even more TAFE and VET courses free.

With the Nationals in Government, NSW is now in a unique position.

We have record investment in our regions, and over the next few years, even more will be spent on building the roads, schools and hospitals to deliver excellent services to our towns and cities.

Our investment decisions mean we are creating opportunities for engineers on Snowy Hydro 2.0, for practitioners to roll out the NDIS and for educators in our new preschools.

We are now in a unique position to build on our record infrastructure program, creating the electricians, aged care workers, child care workers and mechanics NSW needs.

Our communities need these workers, and the Nationals in Government will make it easier, cheaper and more accessible for this generation and the next, to get the training they need for a good job to support a great lifestyle into the future.

If you want a job, NSW is the place to be.

No matter where you live, the Nationals in Government are training the skilled workforce to deliver the infrastructure and services in our communities.

Over the next four years, the Nationals in Government will offer almost 700,000 free courses, adding on to our successful free apprenticeship program and free courses for disadvantaged students, with free traineeships and free TAFE courses for mature aged workers.

After years of Labor neglect, the Nationals in Government has made NSW the number one State for training, with TAFE NSW the largest education provider in the nation, and more students and apprentices than any other State.

With better access to training and free courses for industries in demand, across NSW more people than ever before will be able to train and get a job in their community.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Free traineeships to young job seekers, on top of the free apprenticeships we are already delivering, meaning more students can combine the best of work and study.

• 30,000 free courses to mature-aged workers who are looking to re-enter the workforce or secure their next promotion.

• Half a million courses to those who are disadvantaged,Indigenous, students with a disability, survivors of domestic violence, refugees and asylum seekers, and targeted training to workers industries undergoing structural change.

• A total of almost 700,000 free courses will be on offer over the next four years.