Nationals to deliver thousands of cataract surgeries and shorter waiting times.

About 10,000 additional people living in NSW will have their eyesight restored thanks to a $31 million investment by the Nationals in Government.

An additional 46 clinical staff including nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists will be delivered to help reduce waiting times and improve service delivery for cataract patients across the State.

The Nationals in Government will also streamline the process in accessing cataract surgery so that patients need to go to fewer appointments and wait less time.

We will improve the referral process, ensuring more surgeries occur in day surgery facilities, and decreasing the time between accessing surgery on a patient’s first and second eye, where necessary.

Already under the Nationals in Government, 99 per cent of people receive their cataract surgery within clinically recommended timeframes, up from 91 per cent under Labor.

Cataract removal is already the most common elective surgery, with 24,546 patients admitted to NSW public hospitals in 2017-18.

By comparison, Labor only provided 19,104 cataract surgeries in 2009-10.

Statistics like this make it clear that nothing is more important to The Nationals than maintaining the health of the people living in our communities.

That is why we will continue to invest in infrastructure and services where it matters the most, including supporting healthy eye function.

The Nationals in Government will:

• Provide funding for an extra 10,000 cataract surgeries over four years.

• Hire an additional 46 clinical staff including nurses, surgeons, registrars, technicians, orthoptists, anaesthetists and non-clinical support staff.

• Improve referral processes for patients who may need cataract surgery.

• Increase the use of day surgeries able to be performed.

• Streamline the process for patients to get access to surgery for their second eye.