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Young farmers at the forefront of agriculture funding

At saleyards and field days around the country, it’s easy to see that young farmers are outnumbered by their older counterparts.

With the average age of farmers estimated to be 53 years old – nearly 13 years above that of any other industry – the Nationals and Liberals made supporting younger farmers to stay or enter this indispensable Australian industry a priority in the 2017-18 Budget. 

The NSW Government is investing $6 million over the next four years into the Young Farmer Program. The initiative is designed to assist young farmers in becoming economically viable in the long term and build financial resistance so more will be able to withstand the variables that exist in the industry.

The 2017-18 Budget also delivered $15 million over four years for Agskills, a program designed to recruit skilled workers into the agricultural sector. With agricultural production the driving force of the Australian economy last financial year and jobs growth in the regions accounting for 40 per cent of overall jobs growth, the regions are a place of opportunity for young workers.

Research and development is also been bolstered in the regions with $65 million being invested into winter crop development in conjunction with the Grain Research and Development Corporation, to be located in Trangie, Wagga Wagga and Tamworth.

All farmers will receive continued support with $75 million in concessional loan support under the Farm Innovation Fund. This fund is designed to aid with drought relief and fund drought proofing measures for agricultural businesses.

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