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We will remember them

Tomorrow, businessmen in Sydney and farmers from tiny country towns alike will all pause for a moment and remember, as we commemorate ANZAC Day once more.

It will mark the 102nd anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli, and across the country, millions of Australians will come together to remember those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought, and died, for us. 

ANZAC Day not only commemorates those who fought during the First World War but all Australian service personnel who have served during Australia’s military history.

We encourage you to attend an ANZAC Day service in your local community; to take time out to reflect and acknowledge those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

It is because of these soldiers we have the many freedoms we enjoy today, and we must show our eternal gratitude through participating in this small mark of respect. The ANZACs defended our nation and our values, so it is now our duty to honour their bravery, sacrifice, mateship and tenacity; qualities which now make up so much of our national identity.

Remembering the ANZACs is a vitally important tradition across regional Australia and The Nationals believe it is important to find new ways to honour them.

One innovative method is the NSW Government’s Soil Collection Program, currently underway. It focusses on collecting soil samples from the 1,699 places in Australian where men and women who enlisted during the Great War came from.

Local communities will be involved in the collection process, with the final artwork to be displayed at the refurbished ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park in 2018, as part of a permanent artwork by Fiona Hall.

Our Parliamentarians hope the collection of soil from our nation’s coastal and country towns will reinvigorate engagement with our local communities and further acknowledge the sacrifice our ancestors made.

“It’s bringing our state together to remind ourselves that people from all areas of NSW answered the call to defend our country and continue to do so,” said Member for Coffs Harbour, Andrew Fraser.

On a more everyday note, it's also vital all drivers remember that double demerits are in force for the public holiday period from midnight Thursday, 20 April to midnight Tuesday, 25 April.

To find out information and locations of commemorative activities NSW please visit www.centenaryofanzac.nsw.gov.au.

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