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We always seem to need the weather to do the opposite of whatever it’s currently doing. If it’s sunny, we need rain before it becomes a drought, and when it starts raining we need it to stop before it becomes a flood. We can’t control the weather, but we can do more to prepare ourselves for the unexpected costs of extreme conditions.  

Getting insurance is about covering ourselves for the accidents in life we can't foresee and making sure our families can get through tough times. Though many are seasoned professionals when it comes to insuring homes and cars, it can be difficult and costly to calculate the level of insurance needed to cover the typical unknowns of the land. The Ag White Paper continues to yield results by introducing the Managing Farm Risk Program. The program offers a rebate for eligible farmers, subsidising the professional advice needed for getting the best deal on farm insurance policy.

Leader of our Party and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce said the program would enable growers to seek advice on the merits of various insurance schemes:

“The program will provide one-off rebates to help eligible farm businesses with the cost of independent and professional advice on an insurance policy that covers threats to their productivity, such as drought and other production and market risks.”

Rebates will be available nationally to eligible farm businesses. For more information, visit www.agriculture.gov.au/mfrp.

To find out more about the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper and its initiatives, visit http://agwhitepaper.agriculture.gov.au/.

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