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We need the Police station - Labor isn't serious

Member for Monaro, John Barilaro, says Labor’s Steve Whan has shown himself to be out-of-touch by opposing the redevelopment of the Queanbeyan Police Station.

Yesterday Mr Barilaro was joined by NSW Premier Mike Baird to announce that a re-elected Baird Government will rebuild the Queanbeyan Police Station.

“What was Steve’s response? To tell ABC News that he was worried about ‘heritage concerns’,” Mr Barilaro said.

“I know at least one thing that’s more important to people around here – and that’s dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour.

“And yet Steve’s first response is to do what Labor always does – wrap it up in red tape.

“This building has ongoing structural issues; it needs to be replaced – end of story.

“Any heritage or building issues will be managed through the planning process.

“My message to Steve and Labor is this – get out from behind your desk in Sydney, meet with local police like I have, and match this commitment. 

“Day-in day-out, mums and dads in Queanbeyan, Cooma and Bungendore tell me how worried they are about increasing anti-social behaviour. They know the best way to keep us safe is more police on the frontline.

“For too long the Queanbeyan Police Station has been substandard. To attract the best police, we need the best facilities.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be chosen to represent them again on March 28, it will be fixed. That’s the clear choice at this election.”

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