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Unblocking the wastewater backlog

Our Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water Niall Blair has yet again rolled up his sleeves and found his plumbing tools to unblock funding for the Regional Water and Wastewater Backlog Program. It may not be the most glamorous news, but 30 regional projects improving our water quality and sewerage services will be part of this initiative. 

On 6 March 2015, the NSW Government announced $110 million in funding for regional infrastructure projects, to go towards clearing a backlog of projects in country towns affected by ongoing water quality and sewerage problems - unblocking the congestion inflicted by years of Labor's neglect. 

On making the announcement Niall said, “this funding will help boost vital water and waste water services through new infrastructure builds and modernisation.”

Some of these projects are meeting basic needs that city folk would never dream of going without, such as the provision of sewerage services to the unsewered village of Charbon or the introduction of a drinking water supply for the town of Ashley. All 30 projects are investments in the future growth and prosperity of our regional towns.

You can review the full list of approved works here: www.water.nsw.gov.au/urban-water/regional-water-and-waste-water-backlog-program.

Pictured: Member for Upper Hunter Michael Johnsen and Mayor of Camberwell Sue Moore at the announcement of $1.312 million in funding for the Camberwell Water Supply Scheme, which will include a water treatment plant ensuring a safe, reliable drinking water supply. 

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