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Troy Grant's first year of leadership

Today marks twelve months since Troy Grant took over the leadership of the NSW Nationals.

It has been a challenging year, but with Troy at the helm we recorded an outstanding result at the March state election and secured an impressive deal for regional NSW from the lease of the state’s metropolitan electricity assets.

Have a listen to the special message that Troy has recorded, and read through some of the reflections on Troy’s first year from senior members of the Party.

Troy has shown the utmost commitment to our Party as Leader. He is sensible, efficient and yet also has the foresight to know where we need to go. I'm excited to see where he takes The Party into the future.

Bede Burke
State Chairman


With two decades on the front lines as a country cop, Troy Grant brings to his leadership a wealth of real life experience and a fresh perspective. This experience has been of great benefit not only to our party but to the people of NSW, and regional NSW in particular.

Christine Ferguson
Past State Chairman & Federal President


Troy Grant is a great person. He has my full confidence. I think we are very fortunate to have him as our leader.

Rt Hon Doug Anthony AC, CH
Former Deputy Prime Minister


It has been a huge and successful first year for Troy Grant as State Nationals Leader and NSW Deputy Premier, an outstanding effort by Troy and his team and helped by his family. Of many achievements I highlight one, the upgrading of Troy Junction at Dubbo, the railway triangle and all. Rail and road infrastructure rates highly with Troy and he delivers! 

Hon Tim Fischer AC
Former Deputy Prime Minister


Troy Grant's transition from first term MP to NSW Nationals Leader and Deputy Premier was practically seamless.  Then, Troy's calm, responsive and accessible performance leading our team of candidates in his first general election campaign seemed faultless; as if he'd been doing it for half his life.

But Troy Grant fully comprehends that those election results, while mainly very solid, also flagged there are dangerous shoals ahead. 

To navigate the route for a desired "threepeat" for  the NSW Nationals, Troy's ensuring there's a team-built, refreshed, vision for our Party;  that it's able to be perceived as vibrantly relevant to the fast changing electoral environment in regional NSW.

He's prepared to champion changes our Party needs to put in place well before the 2019 election. 

Troy Grant has rapidly earned many laurels as Leader.  But he's not one for resting on them.

Hon Jenny Gardiner
Former State Director and MLC


Congratulations Troy on all you have achieved in such a short time. I am so proud to see you as Deputy Premier and Leader of the National Party. Even those who wouldn’t vote for The Nationals in a fit must, grudgingly, admit that you are doing an outstanding job.

Judy Jakins
Former MLC, first female NSW Nationals MP


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