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Naturally people move to where they can find employment. And that means there are occasions where the best and brightest of the regions are forced to pack their bags and head to the big smoke. Thanks heavily to the work of our very own Regional Development, Small Business and Skills Minister John Barilaro, jobs growth in regional NSW has been front and centre. And the numbers are impressive. 

There’s no doubt John has the competitive edge when it comes to understanding jobs in the regions. Owning and running a very successful business in Queanbeyan means he has firsthand knowledge of what is required to succeed in a competitive market with the challenges of distance from metropolitan centres.

The NSW Nationals in Government are delivering standout results:

  • Over the last 12 months over 59,000 new jobs created in regional NSW to the year ending January 2016.
  • Regional NSW jobs growth is up by 5.1%, demonstrating higher growth than the Sydney metropolitan area which is up by just 4.3% for the same period.

These results are due to the targeted regional investment John as Minister continues to champion:

  • $6 billion of investment under Rebuilding NSW to accelerate capital investment in regional areas;
  • $110 million under the Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund, including vital infrastructure investment for regional airports;
  • $92 million of Commonwealth, state and private funds for the Blackspots Program;
  • $32 million Resources for Regions Program to all LGAs affected by mining in NSW;
  • Investing a total of $32 million for the Murray Darling Basin Economic Diversification Program.

The current job growth trend offers a chance for young locals to develop their skills, get jobs and pass on their knowledge for generations to come like John’s business is doing now and like other businesses will do in the future. 

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