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Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead and Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services Niall Blair have announced a re-elected Baird Government would invest in a multi-million-dollar upgrade of Taree Police Station.

Mr Bromhead said the NSW Liberals & Nationals will rebuild and refurbish the buildings on the existing site at Taree.
“Having worked as a police officer at Taree Police Station for over ten years, I know these upgrades will be a huge morale boost for local police,” Mr Bromhead said.
“Currently the building is in poor condition and no longer meets the needs of the community.  

"It’s thought Taree Police Station dates back to the 1920s with an extension added in the 1980s, old stables have been converted to offices as well as the addition of several demountable buildings and a shipping container.

“The current layout of the buildings causes problems with general workflow and supervision during prisoner transfers.
“The community has been calling for this upgrade for some time and I am proud we are providing our police with the resources they need to get on top of crime.”

Mr Blair said that when it comes to giving our police the resources they need to keep our community safe, the NSW Liberals and Nationals deliver.
“We are committed to providing police with the facilities they need to get on and do the job they do best – protecting our communities,” Mr Blair said.
“Local MP Stephen Bromhead has campaigned tirelessly to secure funding for this project that will benefit the police stationed there as well as the wider community.”
Minister for Police and Emergency Services Stuart Ayres said the NSW Liberals & National Government inherited an ageing police properties portfolio.
“Four years ago police assets were starved of maintenance funding, so successive Labor Ministers could announce high profile stations in marginal seats,” Mr Ayres said.

“I commend Stephen Bromhead on his strong advocacy on behalf of Taree police and the community.”

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