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Sky Muster NBN satellite flying high

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash has welcomed today’s milestone announcement that the Sky Muster NBN satellite has already overtaken Labor’s interim satellite service in terms of the number of connections.

“Some say there’s a data drought, but the rain has begun,” Minister Nash said.


“Almost 70 per cent of the NBN rollout completed so far is in rural, regional and remote Australia. The fixed wireless roll out will be substantially complete in 2018. The satellite build is complete with 200,000 connections expected over the next three years.


“Labor’s interim satellite service, which provided expensive internet at slow speeds, did serious long-term damage to public perception of satellite broadband. People using the Labor satellite paid more than $10 a gigabyte for speeds of less than 1 megabit a second. There were 44,447 connections at the height of its operation.


“This week, Sky Muster activations hit 46,441, offering download speeds of up to 25 megabits a second and data at a fraction of the cost charged on the interim satellite. It’s great to have overtaken the total number of connections in just seven months.


“There have been teething problems with Sky Muster as you expect with any new technology, but NBN Co has acknowledged this and acted.


“I remind that Labor’s interim satellite is not Sky Muster. I’ve spoken to many rural people who mistakenly believed they were on Sky Muster when they were actually on the Labor interim satellite.”


Minister Nash also welcomed the formation of a new Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition, which the Minister met with this morning. Minister Nash has also held meetings with individual members of the group, and took the opportunity to inform the group of the progress of the roll out of Sky Muster and fixed wireless, and that many of the group’s publicly stated concerns are in fact already being addressed.


“I’m pleased to see a group which can both raise awareness of the issues and help to inform the public on internet access in rural Australia. I look forward to working with them as the NBN rolls out to rural, regional and remote Australia in the next three years.”

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