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Schools to perfect the basics

For a variety of reasons, too many kids are not learning the basics in literacy and numeracy that form the foundation of later education and life success. To address this, the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy will ensure that the basics of education are taught, not just in the early years, but right across the school curriculum so that no child misses out on reaching their potential simply because of a bad start.

The new Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2017-2020 will deliver extra support to students throughout their schooling life, from kindergarten right through to year 12.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has said this initiative will help students of all abilities to develop better literacy and numeracy skills, which as we know, are critical to the ongoing success and prospects of a child.

The NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy will focus on areas such as:

  • Increasing our focus on early intervention, with experts supporting the literacy and numeracy progression from Kindergarten to Year 2 in almost 700 schools
  • Evidence-based literacy and numeracy programs that map student learning from kindergarten to year 10
  • Introduce a ‘Best Start’ year 7 literacy and numeracy test on entry to high school to identify students that need additional assistance
  • Strengthening initial teacher education programs to ensure graduating primary and secondary school teachers are better prepared to teach

It's this level of attention to the foundations in education that will ensure future success.

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