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A recent highlight on Sarah Mitchell’s calendar as Parliamentary Secretary for Western NSW was attending the Narrabri Business Awards. As we are all aware, small businesses play a vital role in adding to the vibrancy and diversity of regional and rural economies. The evening paid particular homage to the influx of young professionals to the region over recent years who have linked together to form a young professionals group called NextGen.

Young people in rural NSW play a crucial role in the future economic prosperity of their communities. They bring energy, diversity, creativity and fresh ideas to all aspects of rural life but in particular to business. NextGen allows young professionals the opportunity to network and discuss key issues facing their region. Co-hosting the gala dinner alongside the Narrabri Chamber of Commerce Business Awards night, the young networkers introduced a new award catergory, the Nextgen Young Person in Business award for a young person who owns, operates, or is employed in business and has shown exceptional work ethic, passion and enthusiasm for his or her industry.


The award was taken out by Stacey Taylor of Narrabri Freight, with Adam Ledger of Reflex Mining the runner-up. The gala dinner was exceptionally well attended with over 320 people coming together for the evening to celebrate the role of business in the Narrabri community. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the evening:


“It’s so exciting to see business alive and well out west, particularly in community groups like NextGen, who will ensure young people always have a place to learn from their peers and connect in the regions.”

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