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RSRT devastated owner drivers

The Inquiry into Labor’s Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal's (RSRT) Payments Order has confirmed that its implementation harmed the very people it was created to protect – Australian small businesses and owner truck drivers. 

Conducted by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, the report shows Labor’s RSRT Payment Order had no clear link to increasing safety and instead was discriminatory, financially devastating and economically disastrous to those covered by it.

The Inquiry Report found a clear and complete misunderstanding of the day-to-day operational reality of the industry by the Tribunal, and that the decisions of the tribunal had no link to safety.

Implemented in 2012 by the then Minister for Employment Bill Shorten, the RSRT’s creation is another shining example of Labor’s indecent deals with unions for political gain at the expense of public interest.

Small Business Minister Michael McCormack has said the report backs the Nationals & Liberal Government’s decision to overturn the legislation.

“It did nothing for the road safety but it had the potential to force 62,000 owner-drivers off the roads, and in many cases those are small family-owned businesses,” Mr McCormack said.

The road transport sector contributes roughly $51 billion to Australia’s economy annually, employs around 200,000 drivers and comprises tens of thousands of owner truck drivers, many of whom would have been driven out of business had the RSRT continued. Thankfully, the tribunal was thrown out before it inflicted severe damage and long-term economic impact to the Country.

For owner truck drivers though, the Tribunal still had time to cause enormous stress, anguish and pain for them, their families and employees.

You can read the Inquiry’s Report here.

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