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Road Safety Remuneration Scheme

Jan Mandelson, National Party Candidate for the seat of Whitlam met with a local truck owner / operator on Monday at Moss Vale.

The scheme is allegedly designed to ensure independent operators receive a minimum payment for their work, to ensure they can operate profitability and safely.

This scheme was introduced by the then Labor / Green / independent Government under Gillard / Rudd.

Jan Mandelson said; “unfortunately the reality is, that this scheme is driving these small family business out of business, the big companies do not have to charge the same rates and are under cutting the independent operators”

“The big Multi Nationals with the help of the Labor Party and the Union bosses, are again attacking the little guy, they just want a level playing field and a fair go, that’s not too much to ask” said a clearly upset Mrs Mandelson.

“We have to help these people, they are the backbone of our region and our country, we must ensure that the National party along with its coalition partners are returned on July 2 to ensure small businesses like these are allowed to continue” Jan said.

The Labor party has said they will reintroduce this scheme, after it was reversed by the Coalition after strong lobbying by the National Party

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