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Response to disallowance motion

Once again, both Federal and SA Labor are making the Basin Plan all about themselves and their political agenda, which is  no surprise with the pending South Australian election. 

A scientific and evidence-based review of water recovery in the northern Murray Darling Basin was built into the Basin Plan when it was agreed between states in 2012 – and it was signed off by Tony Burke himself.

The comprehensive review was carried out over two years by the MDBA with expert scientists and economists. The findings were considered by Ministerial Council on 16 June 2017, which included South Australia’s Water Minister. 

At no stage during this process did Federal Labor or the Greens raise an issue or concern about the findings of the Northern Basin Review or the process followed – yet here they are in the lead-up to the South Australian election claiming that more work needs to be done. 

It’s now very clear that there are two types of science – our science which is based on facts and gives communities certainty and the Labor-Green political science, where anything goes as long as it wins a vote.

By picking and choosing the parts of the Basin Plan that suit them, they are driving a wedge between themselves and the other states that are working tirelessly to make the Basin Plan a success

Make no mistake; this is Tony Burke and the Hanson-Young team walking away from a positive outcome for the environment and communities in northern New South Wales and Queensland and the broader Murray Darling Basin Plan as agreed by all states in 2012. 

If this disallowance motion is successful, it forces NSW to reconsider its ongoing participation in Ministerial Council, because we can no longer trust it to deliver a balanced economic, social and environmental result for the Basin.

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