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Regional connectivity reaches new heights

We're all about providing access to services no matter where you live, whether it be Woolbrook, Weabonga, Niangala or Normanton. The launch on October 6 of the NBN satellite Sky Muster II is yet another positive step forward in better connecting our communities, regardless of distance.


Sky Muster II is the second broadband satellite set to orbit 36,000km into the sky, supporting the delivery of high-speed broadband to more than 400,000 homes. Deputy Leader and Regional Communications Minister Fiona Nash has been a key agitator for better connectivity in the bush.

The two purpose-built broadband satellites and a network of ground stations that make up the Sky Muster service is the product of the Federal Government’s two billion dollar investment, set to revolutionise business in our small towns and rural areas, and help bridge the divide between country and city. With a total capacity of 135 gigabits per second (Gbps), the new satellites are a vast improvement on the 4 Gbps of capacity provided by Labor’s interim satellite service. This sort of internet coverage will transform the communications landscape of rural, regional and remote Australia.

Eagerly awaiting the NBN roll out in your area? Don’t worry - it’s on its way to you. You can find the schedule here.

Sky Muster II launching


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