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Raise a glass for our farmers on World Milk Day

Today marks World Milk Day, an initiative of the United Nation’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, with Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead calling on people to acknowledge the dairy industry’s impact in NSW.

The dairy industry contributes significantly to the economy, with the NSW industry tallying gross production worth $584 million in 2015-16.

"June 1st marks the 17th annual World Milk Day and it’s important we recognise the positive impact the dairy sector has to our society. It’s the cornerstone of many rural and regional communities throughout NSW,” Mr Bromhead said.

“The NSW dairy industry’s importance continues to be undervalued. Dairy farmers receive low farmgate prices, with a carton of milk priced at less than bottled water.

“We’ve seen the industry hit a crossroads in recent times and if we’re not careful we could be in danger of wiping it out.

“Our dairy farmers are proud of the job they do and today provides an opportunity for the broader agricultural and urban communities to reflect on the industry’s often understated contribution. 

“The highest concentrate of dairy farms in NSW is right here in the Manning Valley with over 150 farms. Almost one third of the NSW fresh milk market comes from the Myall Lakes,” Mr Bromhead said.

NSW Farmers’ Dairy Committee Chair, Erika Chesworth, said the day was an opportunity to highlight the importance of the Australian dairy industry.

“Now more than ever, dairy farmers need the support of their community.  So if you can, buy branded, shop local and raise a glass of fresh milk in thanks to our Aussie dairy farmers.

“We provide employment to regional communities, with both skilled and unskilled workers operating across a range of fields. Our industry is proactive and committed to continual improvement to ensure we have a sustainable industry into the future,” Ms Chesworth said.

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