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Piccoli revamps the HSC

The last time the Higher School Certificate (HSC) had a proper makeover was 17 years ago. So it should come as no surprise that Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has undertaken the task of bringing the educational award into the 21st century. 

Last week Minister Piccoli announced his list of positive changes the HSC would undergo by 2020, in which the curriculum would drastically improve the learning experience and standard of NSW graduates and better prepare our young adults for the modern workplace.

The modernisation of the HSC was a task Adrian undertook after receiving feedback from parents, educators, businesses and the community.

“These changes will strengthen the integrity and international standing of the HSC and better prepare our students for work, training, university and for life after school,” Mr Piccoli said.

Under the new guidelines, students will need to demonstrate they have met a minimum standard in both literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC.

“Evidence shows us that students perform better when schools focus on improving essential literacy and numeracy skills for all students,” Mr Piccoli said.

The innovative approach will see new science subjects, changes to ensure students cannot cheat and students awarded for undertaking science and maths classes which have a higher level of difficulty. As well as this, other reforms that come into effect as of 2019 include:

  • Better, fairer assessments to reduce excessive student stress;
  • A Science Extension course and encourage more students to study Maths at the highest possible level for their ability;
  • Updates to English, Science, Maths and History syllabuses; and
  • Update exam questions to encourage deeper analysis and engagement.

The changes were developed with the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES). BOSTES President Tom Alegounarias confirmed the new requirements would not affect current students and BOSTES will work tirelessly to ensure all schools and teachers are prepared for future changes.

“The HSC hasn’t been updated in 17 years. It has a proud record and these changes will ensure the certificate remains modern, to need the needs of all students,” Mr Alegounarias said.

For more information about the HSC changes visit boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/stronger-hsc-standards.

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