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Party Constitution

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We believe in equal opportunity for all Australians so they can fully contribute to and share in the wealth of our nation.

We believe in freedom of speech, movement and philosophy; freedom of religious activity, association and assembly; and equality and justice for all before the law.

We believe the constitutional monarchy is a rich and practical heritage and we uphold the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy with laws decided by our elected representatives.

We believe in the three tiers of government - Federal, State and Local - and in the decentralisation of responsibility.

We believe in private enterprise and ownership, with minimum government interference in industry, commerce, production and distribution.

We believe initiative deserves rewarding so that those who work hardest can prosper from their efforts.

We believe in lower taxes, smaller government and individual economic freedom.

We believe in the development of our economy, the decentralisation of population and services, and the balanced protection of our environment.

We believe the family is the basis of a strong and stable society.

We believe the very young, the aged and the disadvantaged are entitled to the support of society and to receive appropriate help to live in comfort and dignity.

We believe every Australian has a right to the best possible education.

We believe individual groups of people have the right to associate to defend and promote their interests, ideas and pursuits, providing they act responsibly towards the community and within the law.

We believe Australia must have a strong defence force that can defend our nation, police our coastline, and meet our reasonable international obligations.

We believe all Australians should foster a spirit of national pride and Australian identity, joining together to make a better future as one people, with one flag, as one nation.

We believe Australians, as individuals and as a nation, must be prepared to oppose social and political ideas that threaten freedom and democracy in Australia and throughout the world.

You can read our full constitution here.