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The fifteenth Fair Trading Week is a good opportunity to stop and think about the role that NSW Fair Trading plays in our lives to ensure we are getting what’s fair and reasonable when it comes to goods and services. The contact centre is also celebrating its ten millionth call, which begs the question, what are we actually complaining about?

Interestingly NSW Fair Trading has released the top ten complaints from consumers. So, who are the winners? It appears we are most dissatisfied currently with tenants, bonds and residential parks, which has jumped from six to one this financial year. Electrical, electronic and gas appliances are repeat offenders, coming in second this year as opposed to first in the previous financial year.

A list of the top 10 complaints can be found below:

Fair Trade Woes
Top 10 complaints in 2014/2015 Top 10 complaints in 2013/2014
 Tenancy \ Bonds \ Residential Parks  4,045  Electrical \ Electronics \ Whitegoods \ Gas Appliances 2,537 
 Electrical \ Electronics \ Whitegoods \ Gas Appliances  3,079  Used Cars 2,221 
 Used Cars  2,441  Furniture \ Furnishings \ Manchester 2,165 
 House Construction  2,282  Clothing \ Footwear \ Accessories \ Jewellery 2,087 
 Furniture \ Furnishings \ Manchester  2,126  House Construction 1,829 
 Clothing \ Footwear \ Accessories \ Jewellery  1,997  Tenancy \ Bonds \ Residential Parks 1,522 
 Car repairs and maintenance  1,735  Car repairs and maintenance 1,514 
 New cars  1,614  New cars 1,338 
 Travel \ Tourism  1,410  Travel \ Tourism 1.291 
 Property - Purchase /Sale  1,082  Mobile and smart phones  937



The theme of Fair Trading Week this year is Check Your Tradie, Check Your Rights, which focuses on the importance of hiring legitimate tradespeople who are licensed to work on your home, as opposed to your mate who is handy with a hammer next door.

If you wish to make a complaint or wish to check your rights as a consumer, please refer to the Fair Trading website or call the helpline on 13 32 20.

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