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Tragedy showed us one year ago that it does not matter how large or small a community is, or how remote or close they are, when a heart breaks in NSW, the rest of our hearts break together. One year on from the Sydney Siege tragedy that unfolded at Lindt chocolate shop, I ask us all to take a moment to appreciate the life we enjoy here, and to thank our loved ones and our friends for their support.

It is time to pause and reflect on the lives taken that day, to remember Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson. To remember how, in our moment of darkness, our community rallied with lit candles. Our community laid down a field of flowers in the heart of Sydney. Families and strangers alike found comfort pausing to pay tribute together.

In our regional towns, community members lined up in local libraries, cafés and in the offices of our Members of Parliament to write heartfelt tributes. Unfortunately, a year on our world has become no more clear. As we deal with the realities we face, it is warming to know that we have one of the most professional police forces in the world, which is working tirelessly to keep us all safe.

NSW has a big heart. One year ago it broke. It is only as a community that we were able to support each other through those circumstances and it is as a community that we will take stock, and never forget.

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