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NSW Nationals: Champions for regional prosperity

The NSW Nationals understand and back regional families and businesses.

We choose to live in Regional NSW because we believe in the value of our communities and enjoy living with open space, less traffic, friendly neighbours and a better quality of life.

As our country towns develop into vibrant regional cities we need to ensure that we continue to invest in the hospitals, roads, schools and businesses of the future.

Infrastructure investment, changes to payroll tax, better roads, access to world-class healthcare and vibrant local communities are essential in helping us grow economies in regional communities.

Family run farms, local businesses and our primary industries are the backbone of our regional towns and cities and provide our city cousins with their food, fibre, water and energy. It is no surprise that our regional economies have some of the most diverse innovative and progressive businesses in NSW.

In order to continue to grow and attract investment into the regions, we need to cut red tape and make it easier for small businesses to open their doors and be confident enough to grow.

On Friday I announced the first regional pilot for the NSW Government’s Easy to do Business Program at the Church Street Café in Dubbo.

This program will make it easier for entrepreneurs, who are willing to take the risk of starting a new business, by reducing red tape and duplication that is typical of government. Previously, those wanting to start up a business would have to deal with up to 13 agencies, 75 regulations, and up to 30 phone numbers and 48 forms.

This is just not good enough, therefore as our regional economies grow, the Easy to do Business Program will expand so that small businesses can access just one form and one phone number to open a new business.

The NSW Nationals will continue to back small businesses, like the Church Street Café, to create jobs and support prosperous regional economies.

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