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NSW Government to secure Broken Hill's water supply

Deputy Premier Troy Grant and Minister for Natural Resources, Lands and Water Kevin Humphries announced that a re-elected NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will deliver a $117 million boost to finally secure the future of Broken Hill’s short and long-term water supply.

Mr Grant said this once-in-a-lifetime investment into Broken Hill’s water supply would deliver a permanent, sustainable solution and help drought-proof the region.

“For more than 100 years the city of Broken Hill has faced problems with securing a long-term and reliable water supply,” Mr Grant said.

“Today the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has done what no other government could, and delivered a plan that will secure the future of the city’s water supply.

“This is an absolute game-changing investment and one that will ensure the 130-year-old city of Broken Hill will be prosperous, vibrant and sustainable well into the future.”

The $117 million investment from Restart NSW will fund preliminary works to identify the best short-term water source for the city; deliver a package of works to secure the city’s short-term water supply; and fund a business case to be delivered by the end of the year to investigate the most cost-effective and efficient solution to secure the town’s water supply.

Mr Humphries said access to emergency groundwater sources, reactivation of an existing reverse osmosis facility and the leasing of filtration units to supplement supply would be considered.

“Among the options that will be examined to secure the city’s long-term water supply is a pipeline from the Murray River that will have the potential to deliver a permanent water supply,” Mr Humphries said.

“The NSW Government has also reserved up to $380 million from Rebuilding NSW to deliver the best long-term outcome, which will be delivered if we are re-elected.”

Mr Humphries said NSW Labor will cut funding from Restart NSW to fund city-based infrastructure works.

“NSW Labor has not announced a single dollar to secure the city’s water supply and has no plan to safeguard the city against future droughts,” Mr Humphries said.

“Furthermore, they have said that in government they will cut all funding the NSW Liberals & Nationals have allocated for vital infrastructure works under Restart NSW and divert them into Sydney-based projects.

“It is absolutely staggering that NSW Labor will deny the people of Broken Hill this once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure their water supply by ripping this funding out to build roads in Sydney.

“Labor failed to deliver a long-term plan to secure Broken Hill’s water supply during the 16 years they spent in government – now they want to hijack a funded, effective and long-term solution that will finally deliver what they were never able to.

“Only a Baird Grant Government will deliver the plan and the funding to secure Broken Hill’s water supply once and for all.

“Unlike Labor, the NSW Liberals & Nationals will not allow Broken Hill to run out of water, and through this commitment we have secured both the short and long-term water supply of this great city.”

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