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NSW Fishing policy statement

The Baird Government recognises the importance of all forms of fishing to the NSW community. The Government is committed to listening to regional and coastal fishing communities, promoting the local seafood industry and promoting recreational fishing in NSW.

The Baird Government will:

Implement an annual NSW Fishing Day

In order to recognise the importance of fishing in NSW, we will dedicate one (weekend) day every year to be recognised as NSW Fishing Day. NSW Fishing Day will bring together all sectors of the fishing industry, recreational, commercial, indigenous, charter, as well as general fishing and boating enthusiasts.

Implement the restructure of the commercial fishing industry as our first major priority
The NSW Government developed the $16 million structural adjustment package to ensure the long-term viability of the State’s commercial fishing industry. We recognise there is uncertainty in the commercial fishing community and we are committed to working with stakeholders and completing the structural buyout to ensure confidence is returned to this vital industry.

Continue to ensure that recreational fishing licence holders have a say – particularly in regional areas

A new three year investment plan for the Recreational Fishing Saltwater and Freshwater Trusts will be developed to target expenditure of licence fees in areas supported by recreational fishers.

Assist in the development of a recreational fishing body

Seed funding will be provided from the Recreational Fishing Trust to help support a recreational fishing representative body to assist with consultation with the recreational sector on regional and local issues.

Assist in the development of a commercial fishing peak body

The Baird Government recognises the need for a body to represent the interests of commercial fishers. The creation of an industry representative body is best driven by industry, however we will help to advise and assist the industry in establishing this.

Continue our science based approach

The Baird Government will continue to base all decisions made on NSW’s waterways on science and a triple bottom line approach, including economic, social and environmental considerations.

Work closely with the Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council

The Baird Government will continue to work closely with The Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council (AFAC) to develop cultural fishing rules to a stage where they are ready for broader Aboriginal community consultation.

Continue to be vigilant against illegal fishing

The Baird Government will ensure hefty fines and penalties, including imprisonment, will continue to be put in place to protect our precious fisheries.

Ensure strong regional representation for recreational fishing

Recreational Fishing NSW will provide more regionally focused support for the recreational fishing sector and provide independent advice to the Minister on key recreational fishing issues and management in NSW. Recreational Fishing NSW will be based around a modern representative model, ensuring the views of regional fishers from right across the State are heard.

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