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New and larger Westpac Recue helicopters begin service

Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries has today announced that this week the new and much larger medi rescue and retrieval helicopters based in our region begin service.

Mr Humphries welcomes the service and acknowledges that the Westpac Rescue Service now receives greatly improved assets and personnel.

“This will enhance the rescue, retrieval and transfer of patient’s right across the North West.

“The larger aircrafts has necessitated a review of the helipads in each location. Whilst this isn’t new and has been ongoing for some time I have met with the Minister for Health to discuss the future of three helipads in the Narrabri Shire.

“These helipad locations include Narrabri, Wee Waa and Boggabri. The Narrabri hospital helipad remains the same whilst the Wee Waa helipad at the hospital is not up to standard so therefore an alternative sight at Dangar Park, Wee Waa is being used which is approximately 600m from the hospital.

“As for the Boggabri helipad it has been proposed to not use the existing helipad but I am negotiating an alternative local location in emergency situations.

“The helicopter rescue service is a valuable addition to our medical and emergency rescue services. Technically the helicopters can land anywhere deemed safe by the pilot and quite often do in an emergency when land transfer is not appropriate.


“I would also acknowledge the many volunteer hours that go into supporting the rescue/retrieval service and the significant fund raising that supports the service.


“Finally I thank all those concerned that brought about the reinstatement of the winching service for the North West team” Mr Humphries said.

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