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Much has changed since the National Party was founded in 1920 but one thing that hasn’t is that we’re still fighting for rural and regional Australia. We’re working every single day to ensure that Australians who live outside our nation’s major cities still have access to the same top-notch services as our city-dwelling countrymen. Back then, it was about roads and electricity. Today, it’s also about wireless and wired connectivity.  It’s vital for families, small businesses, and farmers to be able to connect to global markets, the information and entertainment we demand and each other.  In today’s world, it’s just absolutely essential to our safety, our economy and our quality of life.

We believe that voters face a simple choice when it comes to connectivity: return to Labor, which tried and failed to deliver a National Broadband Network and didn’t spend a single dollar addressing mobile black spots, or stick with the Turnbull-Joyce Government, which is tackling thousands of mobile black spots and finally turning NBN from dream to reality.  And we’re doing things unheard of in government:

  • We’re delivering the NBN on time.
  • We’re saving $30 billion in project costs.
  • And we’re saving customers an average of $43 on their monthly internet bills, which would have gone up dramatically if Labor were still in charge.

But Labor still doesn’t get it. Here’s why the National’s plan for the NBN is the only plan truly looking out for rural and regional Australia:

  • Labor missed every rollout target they set for themselves.They missed their 2013 fixed line construction target by 85% per cent.
  • They had no idea how much the rollout was costing. They produced Corporate Plans which underestimated the cost of the rollout by around $30 billion.
  • They’re doubling down on promises they can’t possibly keep in order to win votes.  They’re calling for gigabit service, which would delay the project and make its costs skyrocket.  Today, there is not a single person anywhere in Australia who feels the need to pay for gigabit service. It’s just not what we need right now.

The Nationals have gotten NBN back on track and are connecting Australia from coast to coast.  Why would we even consider wasting more time and money on Labor’s failed ideas?

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