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Every year the average Aussie generates roughly 2.2 tonnes in waste. Collectively, that’s 48 million tonnes nationwide. Of that, about 60 per cent gets recycled, leaving a lot of landfill. However, thanks to programs such as last week’s National Recycling Week, recycling levels climb each year.

In its 20th year, National Recycling Week aims to increase awareness when it comes to the environmental benefits of increasing our recycling output and decreasing kerbside contamination. A range of industrial and community recycling programs furthering engagement and awareness are key.

The NSW Government marked the occasion by doubling the recycling rebate of small-scale recycling equipment for small to medium sized enterprises (SME). Generally, SMEs that receive the Bin Trim waste assessment increase their recycling rates from 36 per cent to 49 per cent. And although that might not seem like much, it is estimated that the initiative will reduce 800,000 tonnes of SME waste from landfill every year.

Despite 93 per cent of Australians having access to kerbside recycling services, many items that can be recycled, aren’t. At one point or another, we have all been confused about which containers are recyclable, and which are not. A new labelling system has also been announced, aiming to reduce some of this confusion. Designed by Planet Ark, the label has already been picked up by Blackmores and Officeworks, with other companies expected to follow suit.

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