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Nationals Leader’s Taskforce invites input from the membership

Gearing up for the next round of elections and beyond

In his address to the Party’s 2015 Annual General Conference, NSW Nationals Leader, Troy Grant, identified key challenges that our Party needs to address so as to ensure “the long term and fiercely independent future of the NSW Nationals”. He announced the establishment of the Leader’s Taskforce to examine those challenges and recommend ways of addressing them. 

The Taskforce invites input from any member or supporter of The Nationals, its Branches, Electorate Councils, Committees and The Young Nationals.

The Taskforce comprises Jenny Gardiner (Chair), John Barilaro, MP, Richard Bull, Claire Coulton, Dominic Hopkinson, Kay Hull AM, Senator Fiona Nash and Dr Sue Page AM.

The Taskforce will focus on all matters relating to the selection of Nationals candidates for public office.

That includes actions that our Party should take to prepare for succession when Nationals parliamentarians retire; to be in a state of readiness in the event of by-elections, and to be in as strong as possible a position to contest seats not held by The Nationals but which the Party decides it should contest.

It includes examining how best to secure those seats now held by NSW Nationals MPs in the Australian and NSW Parliaments – whether they are marginal or so-called safe seats.

In his Address, Troy also identified the need to address diversity issues, highlighting the gender imbalance in our Parliamentary Parties. The Taskforce will examine that issue, and ways to ensure the Party’s membership, generally, is diverse and representative of regional Australia’s population.

The Taskforce will examine the further use of community pre-selections such as that conducted in Tamworth electorate in 2010.

It will also examine how to best equip endorsed candidates so they can effectively relate to the changing politics of regional electorates across all mediums and platforms.

The Taskforce is keen to hear of examples of ‘best practice’ utilised within the Party so that successful local initiatives may be emulated elsewhere.

Members and supporters are now warmly invited to submit their ideas and suggestions on how the Party might best gear up for the next round of elections and beyond, using the following headings:

  • Pre-selection – all matters relating to pre-selection, including community pre-selections

  • Incumbency and succession – how best to secure seats held by The Nationals (be they ‘safe’ or ‘marginal’) and to plan for succession when MPs retire or trigger a by-election

  • Diversity & Membership - increasing the number of Nationals women parliamentarians and the diversity of the Party’s membership generally
  • Candidate communication – ensuring Nationals candidates effectively relate to changing electorates across all mediums and platforms.

Send submissions to:

Leader’s Taskforce
NSW Nationals
GPO Box 4558, Sydney NSW 2001

or by email:

Deadline for submissions: 4 December 2015