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There are tens of thousands of children in foster care in Australia, but only 54 of them were adopted into loving families last year. Children needing families are increasing, and adoptions are decreasing. This week is National Adoption Awareness Week, which aims to increase our understanding of adoption in Australia with a series of specialist and community-based events.

In NSW, almost 20,000 children and young people are in out of home care. Many children go through a number of placements and very few are adopted into stable and loving family environments. National Adoption Awareness Week aims to increase understanding and raise awareness of this issue.


The NSW Government is already working hard in this area – establishing Australia’s first government-supported Institute of Open Adoption, expected to be launched in early 2016. Open Adoption will lead the development of evidence-based best practice when it comes to adoption where contact is maintained with the birth family. A forum was held on Monday 26 October to further this discussion with key stakeholders including children and young people.  


National Adoption Awareness Week runs from 8 November to 14 November. Events during the week will explore the experiences of children and families through local and inter-country adoption. It is hoped that the week will also promote reform of Australian adoption laws and practices to facilitate a pro-adoption community. For more information about the events taking place in your community please check the website

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