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More training choices for apprentices and trainees

The NSW Government is investing up to $100 million to increase training options for employers, which will support over 47,000 training places for apprentices and trainees.

NSW Minister for Skills John Barilaro said a top priority is to give employers more flexibility to choose the training providers who can best deliver government subsidised apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW.

“NSW needs more people working in skilled jobs across the state who can make a significant contribution to our growing economy,” Mr Barilaro said.

“Employers can find the training option that best suits them and their businesses with the construction, automotive, engineering, aviation, finance and insurance sectors to benefit, among others.

“The additional training options are in the areas where there is strong demand, including western and south-western Sydney where there is a skills shortage.

“We are determined to help young people get the skills they need to get the jobs they want,” Mr Barilaro said.

The NSW Government is also investing $10 million to give students who have left school fee-free pre-traineeship and pre-apprenticeship courses – a “try before you buy” model to provide students with the opportunity to start an apprenticeship or traineeship.

The changes form part of a raft of measures to drive skills training in NSW and will help increase apprenticeship completion rates to 65 per cent by 2019.

To find out about training options in any NSW region, visit

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