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There are still too many places in rural Australia which lack the modern infrastructure necessary to connect with friends and family, the latest news and entertainment, new business markets, or with emergency services when we need them the most. 

After years of stalling and inaction under Labor, who didn’t spend a single dollar addressing this problem during their six-year 'control'. The Nationals have already taken major steps to connect all of Australia to each other and the world at large with $100 million in funding spent on 499 new or upgraded mobile base stations providing coverage to around 3000 black spots across regional Australia.

Now The Nationals have announced an additional $60 million – on top of the $100 million already invested – to eliminate even more black spots in regional Australia. And let's not forget the $24 million our State Nationals have also put in to getting this job done. This will improve local lives, local economies and local communities in a major way. It’s simply one of the best investments we can make.

The funds already spent by the federal government to address troublesome blackspots have leveraged hundreds of millions in additional investment from mobile network operators, state governments, local governments, businesses and community organisations. However this most recent investment is especially targeted at high need areas which aren’t profitable for mobile carriers so that every Australian – no matter where they live – can be a part of our interconnected world. 


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