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Mobile Black Spot Program rollout schedule updated on new website

People in Calare will now be able to access up-to-date information on the rollout of round 1 of the Coalition Government’s $160 million Mobile Black Spot Programme.

Member for Calare, the Hon John Cobb said a new website, launched by Telstra, provides detail on the construction status and timing of the 429 new or upgraded mobile base stations being constructed by Telstra under the programme.


“People will now be able to access information and updates about the programme in their local area at their own convenience” Mr Cobb said.


The website provides an indicative activation schedule for individual base stations, presented on a national map. The website includes a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, providing members of the public with useful information on how Telstra is conducting the rollout.


Users can find a range of data on a specific construction site, or search for base stations which have been funded under the programme in their local area. Data on construction and activation progress will be regularly updated.


The launch of the new website follows the Coalition Government’s recent announcement of the first 78 mobile base stations, 18 of which were in Calare, that were funded under round 1 of the programme scheduled to be activated by the end of June 2016.


The Coalition Government has committed an additional $60 million for round 2 of the programme, and the competitive selection process for round 2 commenced on February 26. The locations of new or upgraded base stations to be funded under round 2 are expected to be announced by the end of 2016.


Telstra’s new mobile black spot website is available at


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