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Member of the Week - Nancy Capel

Nancy Capel from Inverell isn’t afraid to voice her opinion.

She has a long history in the Party and recalls fighting with her peers like cats and dogs during Young Australian Country Party meetings, only to walk out having made lifelong friends. 

Nancy joined back in 1970 after tagging along with her brother to the inaugural meeting of the Barabba Branch of the then Young Australian Country Party (YACP). She dove right into Party affairs right from the get go and was soon serving as the State Chairman of the YACP, a position she held from 1983-1985.

Nancy remembers her time in the YACP fondly and laughs when she recalls the time she was locked in a restaurant along with a number of other members after a heated debate over who would pick up the bill. She says there are a hundred more stories, but she assures they can’t be shared, and the names involved definitely can’t!

Her spirit, commitment and service to the Party saw her awarded a Life Membership of the YACP, one of her proudest achievements. With her passion for politics stronger than ever, Nancy even made an appearance at this year’s Young Nationals Conference at Moree.

Her advice to any Young Nats is to have fun, argue like hell, and then go have a beer with the people you were arguing with. They Young Nats have certainly taken her advice to heart!

But it's also sound advice, and no doubt useful for life, politics or elsewhere.

Observing today’s politics, Nancy believes we are stronger than ever federally due to the courage displayed by our Federal leaders. She believes the key to the Party’s future success is for our up-and-coming leaders to have the same tenacity and spirit.

Nancy is passionate about rural communities which she lives everyday, through her work running the two renowned newspapers in the New England; The Bingara Advocate and The Warialda Standard. When Nancy isn’t expressing her love for her local communities, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband, Nationals Senator, John ‘Wacka’ Williams. Despite being married to him, Wacka doesn't get any special attention in her papers – he has to do a lot of hard work and deliver for the local community to earn a front page!

Nancy has been a great inspiration to many within the Nationals. She works hard, has strong beliefs but doesn’t let it polarise her friendship. In a divisive political world, Nancy is a true gem.

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