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Member of the Week – Marie Wecker

In an isolated mining town like Broken Hill, Marie Wecker is a true gem from the “Silver City”. 

Marie first became interested in The Nationals shortly after former Country Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony visited Broken Hill. She joined up in 1995 with her husband Desmond and they have been a major part of the Broken Hill Branch ever since.

A friendly, community driven woman who knows how to get things done, Marie is a steadfast advocate for Broken Hill and  a regular at National Party meetings, conferences and fundraisers. Her fondest memory of her time in The Nationals was during the 2007 election triumph in the seat of Murray-Darling, “when John Williams won the seat right across the board” she proudly states, “that is my favourite memory”. 

It's not only the chance to sell The Nats that Marie enjoys about these opportunities and events, it's also showcasing how much Broken Hill really has to offer, “our experiences out here are different to anywhere else,” she says

When asked about other pursuits Marie is passionate about, she humbly replied that she strongly supports her local Lions Club with her husband, as well as the Broken Hill Historical Society. Marie is the epitome of a humble worker trying to improve outcomes for her local community by being involved, especially when it comes to protecting the vital town water supply through her work with the Darling River Action Group.  Marie is also the only remaining member of the local rally car club in which she has enjoyed many years of competing with friends in a Datsun 1600.

The best advice from this hardworking but humble woman?

Stay strong and keep fighting…to have a strong Party we need strong members, we need to keep selling our message, if you have a Party you have a voice”. 

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