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Member of the Week - Lindsay Cutler

“I’m a boy from the bush. My heart is in the bush, and that won’t change,” says Lindsay.

Originally from southern NSW, Lindsay Culter’s love of the Nationals spawned from his country upbringing and lifestyle. A member since 1988, Lindsay stepped up his involvement after retiring from rice farming in 1997 and since then, his dedication and contributions to the Party has been impressive.

It all started for Lindsay on the 1st July 1988 when his neighbour walked into his home waving a membership form, “Lindsay, sign this!” he said.

He did, and the Jerilderie rice farmer has been a devoted member of The Nationals ever since.

Now Chairman of the Albury Branch, State Electorate Council and Treasurer for the Farrer FEC, Lindsay's commitment to campaigning for the Southern NSW has been extensive and invaluable.

Lindsay's involvement with the Nationals is not just formal, some of his favourite experiences with the Nats early on were the social events organised in the Jerilderie area. Years later, Lindsay still jumps at the chance to get together with fellow members.

“I would characterise the whole experience with the Nats as very positive, and I look forward to continuing these experiences,” he says.

For Lindsay, his love for meeting other people with similar interests and goals for regional Australia continues to drive him to attend Nats meetings and as a member of the Central Council, he is grateful for all of the influential and fascinating people he has met.

Lindsay’s involvement with his community doesn’t stop with to The Nationals. Through contacts and friendships he made in the Party, Lindsay became involved with Life Education Australia, which provides crucial health and wellness education via its famous giraffe mascot, Healthy Harold. The service is remembered by most regional students as one the most formative of their primary school education. This travelling education hub is vital to rural and regional primary school students, equipping them with health information and resources. Lindsay takes Healthy Harold to schools around the Albury region, and last year was able to organise a meeting between Nationals Members and Life Education Australia’s CEO.

Lindsay is also a husband to Catherine, a music teacher, and both of them share a love of the arts. Lindsay falters when he shares that, somehow, between work and raising children his “amazing” wife also managed to teach all six of their children a musical instrument.

Lindsay himself is also a valuable part of the local choir. This endeavour, he reveals, provides a challenge for him in his retired life.

“It stretches not only the singing but also the brain box”, says Lindsay.

When he’s not singing classical music, driving Healthy Harold around or doing important work for the Nats, Lindsay can be found cycling tens of kilometres with his friends around Albury and the surrounding areas.

Lindsay feels that in Australian politics, The Nationals are becoming under-represented in the bush and that while there is a real need to hold and gain ground in northern NSW, we must also focus on rejuvenating the Party in the South. 

Finally, he believes that members and non-members should never walk away from the problems they encounter in the bush, as it will never improve or resolve them. Involvement and engagement, particularly of young people, is crucial for the Nationals to progress into the future. 

Caption: Lindsay Cutler (centre) with Member for Riverina Michael McCormack, Vice-Chairman Grant McMillan, Hon Rick Colless and wife Geraldine. 

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