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Member of the Week – Kevin Sinclair

Often seen clambering up trees or hammering in star-pickets to secure the best spot for corflutes during campaigns, Kevin Sinclair is an important cog in the Dubbo and Parkes campaign wheel.

First joining the then Country Party many years ago in Bathurst during the time of Clive Osborne, Kevin became inactive after he moved to Dubbo. It wasn't until his local membership officer, Bob Pierpoint, rekindled his enthusiasm that Kevin became a local force once more.

Kevin is not just passionate about politics though, he is also a great supporter of sporting and community groups. A lifetime member of the Western NSW Soccer Club and a former President of the Dubbo District Soccer Association, he has refereed countless games. Ever community-minded, Kevin is also the current President of the Dubbo Community Men’s Shed, which meets three times a week to provide support for men facing all kinds of issues to offer support and a space of their own.

Kevin believes the current state of Australian politics is difficult to pass comment on. While there is turbulence at the federal level and disappointment from other parties, he feels Barnaby Joyce has left a lasting impression. Kevin hopes that Barnaby’s strong stance as a man who “fights for what he believes in” and that he's “always out there having a go”, will inspire other parliamentarians and members to do the same. Kevin would like to see the Party bring in a greater number of new and younger Nationals’ members, and is confident that with strong leadership, we can achieve it.

Offering advice, he laments that parliamentarians and members should be careful in their approach in the next few years and that they “don’t get caught up in uncertain activities or fall into any traps”.

Because every member has their own skills and reasons why joined, Kevin feels that we should use these qualities to get more involved and to shape and promote the party. He sums it all up by giving his immense thanks to everyone who puts in their time and effort driving local branches and doing the "hard work" and implores other members who may not be as active to aspire to greater heights and to help out their fellow man.

Pictured: Erica Tudor, Kevin Sinclair Lesley Arnicar, Rino Arnicar

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