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Member of the Week – David Muller

David first joined The Nationals back in 1957 following in the footsteps of his father, a loyal Nationals member, and he hasn’t looked back.

Known for his quick wit and superb balloon tying skills, David Muller has been a pillar of support within the Henty Branch of The Nationals for 60 years. 

His family and community are the main focus in his life and always have been. He was married to his late wife for 55 years and has a proud family of 5. His sons have followed in their father’s footsteps running the family farm and supporting the strong Lutheran community present in Henty, with the eldest an ordained Pastor. His daughters have been heavily involved with supporting child care within Henty and providing support and relief for mothers within the community.

Always involving himself in the Party’s affairs over the years he has always enjoyed attending the Annual Conference, witnessing many successful resolutions that have helped determine the direction of the Party. He looks back fondly on these times, and remembers the diversity of people he has met and spoken with. He believes that everyone “has their side of a story” and enjoys hearing the interesting and sometimes unique questions posed from members of varying communities.

The Henty Machinery Field Days is well known for its unpredictable weather and iconic jingle, “going to the Henty Field Days, a lot of good people there”. As a hard working but always humble member, David is certainly one of those ‘good people’ you will find at the field days, steadfastly tying balloons for the next generation of Young Nationals. David is a staunch supporter of the field days because he believes they are a great opportunity for people to access their local MP. He particularly enjoys the efforts of Michael McCormack MP and Kay Hull, the former Member for Riverina. When Kay would get up to give a talk “people lined up for miles” to hear what she had to say.

Bronnie Taylor MLC, the Parliamentary Secretary for Southern NSW, first met David during her trips to the Henty Machinery Field Days and like many others, she was impressed by David’s passion for his local community:

“David Muller epitomises what a Nationals member is – always there to lend a hand, cares deeply for his family and community, is generous and selfless and with the greatest sense of humour you’ll find. The Henty Field Days would not be the same without him – it often feels like more people are stopping by to see David than any of the politicians! Spending time with David reminds me what a privilege it is to represent our members in Parliament.”

David is well known for his great sense of humour and when put on the spot and asked to share a joke with us, came up with a quick one on the spot:

“The frog was very disappointed to hear that his best-frog-friend had been kissed by a princess and turned into a prince, and they marched off to live happily ever after. So the frog went to a fortune teller and asked ‘when will it be my turn to meet a nice girl?’ The fortune teller replied ‘don’t worry, your time is coming soon, there’s a lovely young biology teacher who can’t wait to meet you!’”

Not the happy ending a frog would have in mind!

David believes The Nationals will gain strength, now and in the future, through banding together as a whole party and ensuring that consultation with, and satisfaction from, its members remains a core value. His advice to members is that despite any loss of support or defeats in the past members need to band together to fight for values. He encourages the younger generation to become actively involved in The Nationals to replace the “old guard” and continue representation for rural communities for years to come.

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