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Medicinal cannabis now legally prescribed by doctors

In another giant leap forward for the medicinal marijuana movement, regulatory changes were announced last week, permitting doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicines to patients.

The change will see the drugs – previously only available to those participating in state approved clinical trials – now legally prescribed to terminally ill patients who have exhausted alternative treatment options. 

The changes were celebrated across the State, particularly amongst some of Nationals members who have been advocating for access to the drug for the terminally ill. Tamworth branch member Lucy Haslam has vigorously campaigned for the changes. She became the face of the medicinal cannabis movement after discovering her late son Dan’s horrid chemotherapy-induced nausea could be reduced by the drug. She continues to be an unstoppable force working with state and federal governments to raise awareness and promote reform.

In wake of the announcement, Lucy has welcomed the progress but highlighted the enormous amount of work still needed to ensure regional patients across the state have easy access to cannabis-based medicines. “It’s still a really important step, but it’s not at the end point,” said Lucy.  

The fantastic result is also a testament to our hard working Nationals MPs – Kevin Anderson and Barnaby Joyce – who took on the fight with Lucy and Dan, and have both campaigned for the legalisation of medical cannabis in parliament.

The State Government is handling the distribution of medicinal marijuana in the same way as other emerging medicines. Strict measures are being abided to guarantee treatment is safe and effective and a $21 million investment has been made to further world leading evidence-based research into the drug’s medical use.

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