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Making private health insurance cheaper & better!

Federal Member for Calare, the Hon John Cobb is encouraging residents across Calare to have their say on how the private health insurance sector can deliver better value for money.

This week the Federal Government launched an online survey after Australians dumped or downgraded half-a-million ‘all-inclusive’ private health insurance policies last year, with record numbers flocking to cheaper cover with exclusions and excesses.


John Cobb said “as well as asking private health customers, our government is holding consultations with insurers, hospitals and doctors to discuss structural reform to the system”.


Official 2014-15 results* from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) follow successive cuts by the former Labor government to the value of the private health insurance rebate in the 2012 and 2013 Budgets, including means-testing and restricting indexation to the CPI.


In response, hundreds of thousands of Australians prepaid their policies for

up to three years in 2012, just before the first of Labor’s cuts came into effect.


“Private health insurance is a fundamental part of Australia’s health system, in Calare alone 52,380 people have private health insurance and over half of the Australian population have some form of cover”, John Cobb said.


“Any changes need to be delivered with a starting point that Medicare and the

public hospital systems remain ‘universally’ accessible to all”


“Taking out private health insurance is complementary to those services not a substitute”.


 “The Coalition is committed to recalibrating the system so that value is the core focus. Getting views from the broader population is the best way to achieve this”.


The survey is open now until 04 Dec at




* APRA figures show the number of non-exclusionary (also known as ‘all inclusive’) private health insurance policies with hospital cover fell by 500,471 to 3.5 million in 2014-15.


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