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Making a real difference in government

The cynics will often say that it doesn't matter who's in government, that nothing really changes. But they couldn't be more wrong. From our record investment in regional education, to securing the long-term future of DPI in Orange and reshaping the way the NSW Police Force deals with regional issues, your Nationals team in government are making a real difference.

We've been making record investments in regional services and infrastructure, which have been made possible by our government's strong fiscal discipline and asset recycling program – taking the proceeds of leasing mainly city assets and directing at least 30% into regional projects.

This has allowed us to commit $1 billion toward regional water projects, including a long-term water supply solution for Broken Hill. It has enabled us to invest even more into key regional roads, bridges and rail infrastructure. And it will provide a $300 million boost to regional MPS’s, which provide vital health services in some of our smaller communities.

But it's not all about money. Some of the improvements we've made have been about changing the attitude of government. That’s why it was the Nats in 1993 who moved the Department of Primary Industries to Orange, and the Nats in 2016 who have committed to its long-term future. It has also been under the Nats in this government that we are introducing the first ever NSW Police Force Regional Deputy Commissioner who will be wholly and solely focused on regional NSW, bringing an awareness of and determination to address uniquely regional issues at the highest levels of our police force.

The value of having the Nats in government can be seen across our great state. The Orange electorate is no exception. We have delivered new hospitals in Parkes and Forbes, guaranteed 24 aero-medical retrieval services in Orange, upgraded the airport, and worked to secure the town’s water supply with funding for a new pipeline, and are actively working to build a new MPS and Ambulance Station in Molong. Of course, there are many, many other examples, both in the Orange electorate and across regional NSW. Importantly, these critical local services have not been delivered because of the current by-election – each and every one of them pre-dates it. That’s because delivering for regional communities is just part of the everyday work of your Nationals team in government.

We haven't always been a perfect government, and we haven't always got it right, but the Nats in government have made a real difference, and with your support, we will continue to deliver a better deal for the people of regional NSW into the future.

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