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Lights for Wrights Road Roundabout

Member for Port Macquarie, Leslie Williams has announced that road users will soon benefit from peak time traffic lights to be installed at Wrights Road roundabout in Port Macquarie to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in off peak hours.

“Since funding was allocated to install traffic lights at the Wrights Road roundabout last year, further investigations have been under way to establish the lights best suited to manage traffic flow.


“Investigations have been carried out using traffic cameras and traffic counters to determine the best type of lights for this location,” Mrs Williams said.

“Traffic modelling highlighted peak time traffic lights on the Oxley Highway eastbound would make it easier for traffic from Wrights Road and John Oxley Drive to move onto the roundabout while reducing traffic flow.


“Community feedback obtained during consultation also supported the operation of traffic lights during peak times only,” Mrs Williams said.


“The new traffic light design also aims to reduce future costs and meet increasing traffic demand as developments in the area increase.


“Work on the upgrade is planned to start early next year and will integrate with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s future plans for the upgrading of John Oxley Drive,” Mrs Williams said.


The community will continue to be updated about the project. For more information go to

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