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Did you know that Thomas Watson, Chairman and CEO of IBM at the time is alleged to have said in 1943, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers?" Today there’s a computer in every back pocket.

It seems so naïve, and yet it is possible that we are also guilty of not immediately seeing the advantages of new technology to our businesses.

Small businesses in regional areas have the most to gain from any technology that helps us to overcome the tyranny of distance.

Whether it is the Federal Government delivering the NBN to regional Australia first or the mobile phone blackspot program fixing 795 black spots in regional NSW, the technological barrier is fast being broken down. More of these NSW Government initiatives supporting small businesses include:

  • Over $950 million of red tape cut since September 2011;
  • The $4.1 million Energise Enterprise Fund for businesses most impacted by the Murray Darling Basin Plan;
  • The renewed $5,000 Jobs Action Plan incentive;
  • The $2,000 Small Business Employment Incentive Scheme;
  • Phase one of the Easy to do Business initiative, with stage two scheduled in 2016.

It makes it the right time to contact a Small Biz Connect advisor to help businesses determine what sort of digital presence will meet the demands of their current, and future, customers.

Get digital and see what advantages and opportunities lie in wait for you and your businesses this year.

To connect with your local Small Biz Connect advisor or to find out more about business support programs http://www.smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au/.

To find out more about the Energise Enterprise Fund please visit  www.industry.nsw.gov.au/murraydarlingfund.

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