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This is it. The final countdown.

Since being selected as The Nationals Candidate for Orange, Scott Barrett has covered some serious distance right across the electorate to show that he’s committed to the communities of the Central West, and that The Nationals are still the only party that will continue to put in the hard yards for the area.

During this time, help has come in many shapes and forms from Party members and supporters, but if you haven’t yet lent a hand, we need your help to get Scott and our Nats family over the line. Call Alana in the Campaign Office on 1800 839 580 to see what you can do.

While Labor and the Shooters have been busy making sneaky backroom deals to preference one another on November 12, Scott has been listening to the local community on how he can best represent the area.

On polling day, the Labor-Shooters alliance will be doing everything it can in a final attempt to play politics with the future of the Central West.

What sets us apart from these other political parties is that we’re in this for the long-run, and that could not be more true in the Orange Electorate, which we have proudly represented for the past 69 years. 

In recent times the area has enjoyed unprecedented spend in infrastructure and we need only look around at new and redeveloped hospitals in Orange, Parkes and Forbes, and the Peak Hill MPS to know that The Nationals have always cared for this community. Central West unemployment rates are lower than the state average and state highways are on the mend thanks to upgrades like the Guanna Hill realignment – a 7.2km stretch on the Mitchell Highway near Molong that is currently under construction.     

But none of this guarantees us victory on Saturday. We have to show that we're committed to this electorate for the next decade and beyond.    

This week all of our members and supporters have an opportunity to make a difference. By supporting Scott Barrett on pre-poll or on the big day itself, we can do our part to elect another exceptional MP to the Parliament and help make sure the Central West gets the representation it deserves.

So rally your friends and family and let’s get together to finish this campaign as strongly as we can.

If you would like to help out on pre-poll or at a booth and haven’t already let us know, you can contact Alana in the Campaign Office on 1800 839 580.

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