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Labors Promises for Tweed Missing in costings plan

Nationals Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest, said Labor’s ‘fully costed’ plan for the Tweed has been shown to be a farce by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

“Labor has promised tens of millions of dollars for infrastructure in the Tweed they know they can’t deliver,” Mr Provest said.

“The independent Parliamentary Budget Office has released Labor’s spending for the election campaign and curiously, there is no mention of any of Labor’s ‘off in the never-never’ commitments to the Tweed.

“Labor’s left their pie in the sky commitments for the Tweed off their ‘costings’ list – it’s nothing but funny money, empty promises and a demonstration of utter contempt for the people of the Tweed.”

Mr Provest said in stark contrast, his plan is fully funded – it’s real money that will appear in the next NSW Budget if The Nationals are returned to government on Saturday.

“I will deliver a $48 million upgrade to The Tweed Hospital, $25 million for a new Tweed Police Station, $5 million to upgrade Pottsville Beach Public School, $5.9 million for a new ambulance station in Pottsville and $3.6 million to upgrade Kennedy Drive,” he said.

“If Labor thinks it can pay for any infrastructure in the Tweed then I call on them to tell us when. Will these builds take place in year one or year 10?

“Unlike Labor I will deliver these projects in the next term of government – not in 10 years’ time, based on some plan cooked up by Sussex Street.

“Residents of the Tweed can’t afford to vote for Labor, when we know that they’ll say one thing to get elected and do the complete opposite after.

“Labor’s fully “unfunded” plan for the Tweed clearly demonstrates this – they’re breaking promises before they’re even elected.”

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